Monday, January 9, 2012

disability ministry weekly round-up {1-9-12}

Wow, what a wonderful weekend. (Exhausting too, though, so I'm setting and sticking to some bedtimes this week!) I'll share about some of it this week, but for now it's on to the links for this week's round-up...

Kids With Aggressive Behavior...Is It Ever Okay for the Church to Say No? You need to consider this question if your church wants to welcome those with special needs.

It Could Happen to You Becoming permanently disabled or having a child with special needs, that is. I love the conclusion of this mother's article:
It could happen to you. You too could be so lucky to have a child with different abilities than most. You too could get the opportunity to witness purity of heart on a daily basis. I am beyond thankful that Chrissy happened to me.
How to Survive Being Stared At shared this post yesterday, and it's a great perspective on difference from a dad, pastor, and blogger who was born with a left arm that ends just past his elbow.

This is What a Kid With a Disability Looks Like, Right? Wrong. Every kid is different. And what looks like a stroller to you might be a wheelchair for a small child.

Being Retarded If this won't change your mind about using the word "retarded" to mean "stupid," then I don't know what will.

Requiem Kevan was 13. He was a typical kid, with a touch of asthma, from my church. On New Year's Eve, his mom took him to the ER with a high fever. It was a virus. It attacked his heart. He died on the operating table. In this link, my friend Susan writes about Kevan and about why we shouldn't hesitate to tell kids we love them.

Adaptive Worship Service at St. John's Episcopal Church in Montclair This service began yesterday, fueled by the idea that "church should not be an exclusive club." Here's another article about it. And another.

Small Groups for Adults with Disabilities... Amazing Stuff! From Rick Howerton's NavPress blog.

And please don't forget that I reviewed the e-book Speechless: Finding Grace in My Son's Autism by Sandra Peoples...and am giving away a copy! Click here and leave a comment for a chance to win - I'll be drawing the winner's name at 5pm Eastern today.

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  1. As always, the round-up is one of my favorite parts of Monday! Thanks, Shannon...I saw the "Being Retarded" post earlier this, so powerful.

  2. Anyone interested in running a group with adults with learning disabilities might want to look at what Prospects does in the UK (see This Christian charity currently partners with 200 UK churches who run such Groups and has a wide range of resource materials for use with such Groups. Just to declare an interest, I am the Mission Development Co-ordinator working with churches in South Central England to promote this ministry.


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